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Welcome to our WHM 7 X Skin Tutorials

Creating a Package
Create packages for your hosting plans to make account set ups quicker and easier
 Account Functions
Managing your Hosting accounts
Manually create an account, upgrade/downgrade an account, modify their quota and how to terminate an account
Managing your Bandwidth
How to modify the Bandwidth allocated to an account
Modifying account passwords
Changing the password on a domain's account for cpanel and ftp access
Managing your Sub domains
How to manage your clients' subdomains in WHM
Managing your Skeleton directory
How to create a default placeholder page for accounts created by you and to customise the scripts available to your clients
Managing your Suspended Accounts
How to suspend and unsuspend an individual domain on your account
 DNS Functions

Managing your DNS zones
Editing DNS Zones for a domain and editing the MX record for a domain to direct mail to another domain
Manage your parked domains
How to park one domain on top of another
Troubleshooting email
Troubleshooting an email address both on and off the server
 Server Setup
Setting up a Remote Access Key
Generate a key to enable you to incorporate an external script to automate account creation and management
Manage your FrontPage extensions
How to install and uninstall FrontPage extensions on a domain
Changing your WHM theme
Changing the theme of your WHM to one that fits your preferences
 Server Status
Monitoring your server
How to view the status and details of your server