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Welcome to our Helm Reseller Administration Tutorials
 Managing Customers in HELM

Adding a user (hosting customer)
How to add a new user and set up an account for them in Helm.
Creating a welcome email & signup script
How to create a welcome email & signup script for new customers.
Managing the Instant Messaging System
How to manage your instant messaging system in Helm.
 Account Management
Managing your billing in Helm
Shows you how to manage your billing including making a payment, account statements and recurring payments.
Configuring currency, taxes and invoice settings
How to configure currency, taxes and invoice settings in Helm.
Configuring a payment gateway
How to set up different payment options for your customers e.g. Bank transfer, cheque payment, Pay Pal etc.
  Configuring HELM
Creating a default homepage for new users
Create a default homepage for new users until they replace it with their own.
Configuring DNS settings
How to configure DNS settings in Helm.
Configuring domain registration settings
How to configure and enable domain registration for your customers.
Customising the look and feel of the User's control panel
How to edit the look and feel of the control panel.
  Other Tools
Changing your Reseller password and account details
How to change your reseller password and account details in Helm.
Creating a hosting plan
Create a new hosting plan in Helm.
Adding extra features to plans
How to add extra features to plans in Helm.