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Welcome to our Macromedia Dreamweaver Tutorials  
Configure your Site
How to set your site up in Dreamweaver ready to start designing and for uploading to the server
Create a page
How to create a new page and create a layout using a table. Customise the settings and insert an image
How to create tables
Creating tables, formatting them, setting borders, formatting text, inserting images and viewing table features and properties
Creating a form
Inserting a form. Using a table for ayout. Creating text boxes, radio buttons, drop down menus, submit and reset buttons
Create a rollover
Creating a rollover image so that when the mouse is held over it a different image is displayed. Also shows previewing in a Browser
Create a Navigation Bar
Creating a navigation bar with links and rollover text. Also previewing it in your browser to test it
Create a template
Creating a temple to provide a consistent layout for your site and only one file to edit when changes are made. Editing the template and updating pages